Introducing Buddy and Elvis!

Meet Buddy and Elvis, two aliens who thought that Earth sounded so fun, they decided to play truant from alien school and come visit us!

Buddy and Elvis

Illuminated Films


Buddy and Elvis

In class, Buddy and Elvis thought planet earth sounded so much fun that they skipped alien school and decided to pay us a visit.  On arrival, Buddy and Elvis slightly misjudge the planet’s pecking order and trade places with two unsuspecting pets. With the aid of special collars, the pair transform into cat and dog, whilst the ‘real’ pets are sent back to alien school in their place as cover!
Life as aliens disguised as pets takes some getting used to though: their dinner gets handed out in bowls on the floor and they have inherited some peculiar species habits…
Children’s series for ages 5-11, inspired by the successful children’s book series by Andrew Murray and Nicola Slater

Norway’s Fjords – this is why God invented HD

Don’t you just hate some people? Watch Salomon’s Greg Hill, Andreas Fransson and Chris Rubens shredding the sublime slopes of Norway’s Lyngen Alps, and try to forget that they’re getting paid to do this. And watch in HD, to savour every bubble of Fjord-flecked foam, every amber mote of setting sunlight, every golden glint of sun on pure Arctic waters… Ok, that’s it – I can’t stand to write another word, I’m emigrating to Norway. See ya…

(Kissing the fish and sub-zero skinny dipping are strictly optional.)

Scared of heights? I urge you not to watch this. Seriously, I’m not messing…

The Vallee Blanche, Chamonix’s White Valley, perhaps the longest single ski run in the world. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Just one small detail – before you can put your skis on you have to negotiate a little thing called the Arete… Slip through those two strands of rope to your left, and it’s a 2 kilometre drop… Watch this through to the end, if you dare, and ask yourself – why aren’t crampons compulsory on this thing?