Simple Systems – the Art of Project Management with Teamwork

A tree knows how to tree.

And you know how to manage a project. It just helps to have a little help.

 Getting organised is easy if you’re a tree. One trunk splits into branches, branches split into leaves. And getting organised could be this easy for your business… only it never quite turns out that way.

 Here’s where Teamwork helps. No project management system makes it easier to arrange your project, the trunk, into task lists, the branches, then into individual tasks, the leaves.

 You need to build a website? Then the whole site becomes the trunk. Teamwork makes it easy to split the trunk into the task list branches – domain setup, design, e-commerce, inventory, copy, social media integration. And then to split the branches into individual task leaves, each task assigned to the right people.

 You have ongoing, repeatable projects? Building multiple websites? Taking on multiple clients? Marketing multiple products? Easy – you can copy and paste as a recurring project template.

The Everything tab lets you see, you guessed it, everything. Every tree, branch and leaf of your business. Every task for you to do today. For her to do tomorrow. For him to do this week. For everyone to do in the next 14 days. Now you can see the whole wood for the trees.

 Teamwork makes it as simple as possible. Recurring tasks can be scheduled in seconds. A task can be assigned to multiple people. It integrates with Google Drive and Dropbox. It has time tracking and detailed reporting. It has strong security and privacy options. It has the best customer support going. And you can use the 30 day free trial without entering your card details.

 A tree knows how to keep it simple. Let Teamwork help you be a little more tree.

Teamwork Logo

Andrew Murray 2015


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