The Sherlock Holmes Quiz Book

SH QB Front Cover

In which street is the Diogenes Club?
A Study in Pink is a problem deserving how many nicotine patches?
Who is found dead in a locked chamber, with a poison dart above his ear?
Which company employed a secretary to answer Sherlock-related mail?
What kind of creature swallowed the Blue Carbuncle?
And in which TV episode can we find a cross-dressing Jude Law?

From Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s immortal stories to Sherlock and Elementary, through a century of Sherlock on the silver screen and on television, The Sherlock Holmes Quiz Book is packed with 1000 questions to test the wits of every armchair detective.  Whether your favourite Holmes is Rathbone or Brett, Cumberbatch or Miller, whether you search with magnifying glass or mobile phone, here are clues, codes and conundrums to challenge the sharpest of sleuths.  A must for every true Sherlock fan.

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