Halliwell’s Film Quiz Book

halliwells quiz

At which motel is it advisable not to take a shower?
Why did Rick say he had come to Casablanca?
Which film was conceived with characters called Anakin Starkiller and Leia Aguilae?
Who had to rescue Pepperland from the Blue Meanies?
Zither music.  A ferris wheel.  Harry Lime.  The film?

Expanding on the most well known and immensely succesful film brand,Halliwell’s, the Halliwell’s Film Quiz Book is packed full with 1,500 questions- and answers – on every aspect of the film world. From the best and the worst films, and everything in between, to the actors and actresses which grace the silver screen, it is a comprehensive teaser, guaranteed to stretch even the most knowledgeable film buff. The third book in the Halliwell’s range, the Film Quiz Book is a must for all film fans.

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