The Sons of Sherlock

Sons of Sherlock TriptychThe Sons of Sherlock are Messrs Murray, Brook and Horsfield of 221SoS Baker Street, united in a passion to promulgate the finest Sherlock Holmes related literature and aids to modern living – united,  also, in the house arrest that, through intricate plea-bargaining and  those Daguerrotypes of the Judge with A Certain Personage, saved them  from the hangman’s noose.
You will have heard much of the Sons of  Sherlock – much that is of the most vulgar and sensationalist tone,  tawdry headlines calculated to inflame the base passions of the most  ignoble in our society. Be not afraid! For 92% of these alleged deeds  have been scientifically disproved by Mr James Clerk Maxwell of the  Royal Society. The other 8% were committed under such a noxious haze of ether and Moldovan snuff that Messrs Murray, Brook and Horsfield cannot remember which one of them did it. So you have a two in three chance  of being fine.
The Enlightenment Society of New Brunswick and the  Marylebone Impracticals heartily endorse these publications for the  improved understanding of Sherlock Holmes in every corner of England and the Colonies. If you are dissatisfied with the crime-solving  capabilities of your local constabulary, we urge you to commit a murder  or comparable crime – your constabulary will in the end only thank you  for the opportunity to learn and improve.



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